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    Spare parts for rebar rib-stripping and thread rol
    Product name:Roller
    Scope of application:
    Product details

    Thread Roller series classfication:

    DD, DDC, YG, YGC

    Main specification and uses:

    1. 1# Roller: Process rebar diameter 14-22mm, pitch 2.5mm, thread angle 60/75 degree.

    2. 2# Roller: Process rebar diameter 25-32mm, pitch 3.0mm, thread angle 60/75 degree.

    3. 3# Roller: Process rebar diameter 36-40mm, pitch 3.5mm, thread angle 60/75 degree.

    Applicable models: DD/YG is applicable for JBG-40C/40K Rebar thread rolling machine

    DDC/YGC is applicable for JBG-40A/40B/40CI/40KI/40T/40F Rebar thread rolling machine.

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