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    JBG Series Rebar Rib-stripping and Thread Rolling
    Product name:JBG-40K/KI Rebar Thread Rolling Machine
    Scope of application:
    Product details

    Product Introduction

    JBG-40K rebar thread rolling machine can be applied to process thread on rebar end in construction. It can process HRB335, HRB400, HRB500 hot rolled ribbed reinforced bar with diameter 14-40mm.

    Main Features

    1.Enhanced machine frame, compact structure, solid and reliable, lower breakdown rate.

    2.Easy to operate, it is free to adjust and position during range from 14mm to 40mm.

    3.Left-handed and right-handed, processed thread form is full, with little vanish thread, with little conical degree.

    4.Low pressure control; high security coefficient.

    5.High working speed; high production efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection.

    Technical Parameters


    Rebar Diameter:Φ14-Φ40mm

    Motor Power:4.0Kw

    Voltage:3-380V 50Hz

    Spindle Speed:49-62r/min

    Max Thread Length:65mm

    Max Output Torque:530KN

    Cooling Pump Power:40W



    JBG-40KI, as updated type of JBG-40K, is our new product developed in 2013. It adds the screw pitch angle mechanism. It is easier to operate, the thread precision is more higher, the conical degree is more smaller, and the thread surface is more smooth.

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