• The thread rolling machine is indispensable for daily maintenance.

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    The manufacturer chooses the mechanical equipment to measure the quality. In order to make the thread rolling machine better for the enterprise and create greater benefits, the thread rolling machine is very important in daily maintenance, then our enterprise is How should I do this in the daily operation of the thread rolling machine? Let's talk about it today:
     How to properly maintain:
            1. The operator obtains the operation certificate after passing the examination, and the operator is allowed to operate. The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine, and must abide by the safety and handover system.
            2. Before the work, the oil should be injected in strict accordance with the lubrication regulations, and the gold thread rolling machine should be kept, and the oil volume should be kept proper, the oil passage is smooth, the oil mark (window) is conspicuous, and the oil cup is clean.
            3. Check whether the fasteners in each part are loose, whether the control mechanism is flexible and reliable, and whether the safety protection device is good.
            4. Start the machine running for 5 min - I Omin before work, and confirm that the lubrication, hydraulic pressure, electrical system and each transmission part are working properly before starting work.
            5. According to the technical requirements of the machined parts, the rolling die, the rolling die and the straightening die are correctly selected and installed, and the tooth position and end face adjustment of the rolling die and the taper adjustment of the thread of the machined part are correctly performed. When processing large workpieces, the span of the fixed bearing and the movable spindle's two-point bearing housing should be shortened as much as possible to improve the rigidity of the main shaft; when the smaller workpiece is processed by cantilever rolling, the rolling pressure must not exceed 58800N, and the width of the rolling die must not exceed 40mm. 6. Always pay attention to the operation during work, and keep the interlocking, limiting, feeding and other institutions accurate and reliable. Found anomalies and timely checked and processed.
    The above is the daily maintenance work of the thread rolling machine. I hope to help everyone. The advantages and disadvantages of the production equipment will directly affect the production efficiency of the whole process. Therefore, when you choose such equipment, you must inspect it and purchase the products. To meet our actual needs. Baoding Jindi Machinery specializes in the production of thread rolling machines, cutting machines, machinery parts, we welcome our customers with professional quality products and services, look forward to your consulting order.

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