• Straight threaded sleeve connection wire inspection standard

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    First, the performance parameter test of the sleeve

    a. Sleeve inspection: The sleeve should be protected with a protective end cap, the diameter and wall thickness of the sleeve, the thread profile is complete, and the surface must be free of cracks. The product name, specification, model, quantity and date of manufacture are indicated on the factory packaging. , product batch number, manufacturer, product certification in the package. Each batch of 2000 batches of the same batch, the same type, the same material, and the same specification is one batch, and less than 2,000 are also counted in batches, and each batch is sampled 2%, and not less than 20.

    b. Inspection method: The internal thread is tested with a special thread plug. The plug gauge shall be able to be screwed in smoothly. The length of the plug gauge shall not exceed 3P.

    Second, silk test

    1) The inspector checks the appearance quality of the silk head one by one. The silk head produced in each working class is taken as a batch, and the 10% silk thread is sampled by the ring gauge. When the sampling inspection is unqualified, the whole thread head of the batch is inspected one by one by using the ring gauge. , remove the unqualified silk head, and adjust the equipment until the processed silk head is qualified.

    Appearance quality: The surface of the wire must not have any damage or rust that affects the performance of the joint.
    Shape quality: the number of effective threads of the wire head shall not be less than the design specification; the cylindricity of the effective thread diameter of the thread head (the medium diameter of each thread) shall not exceed 0.20mm; the cumulative length of the incomplete thread with the crown width greater than 0.3P shall not More than two thread circumferences; the effective thread length of the wire is not less than 1/2 of the length of the connecting sleeve, and the tolerance is +2P. The wire size is tested with a special thread ring gauge. The ring gauge should be screwed in smoothly and reach 3cm long. The length of the ring gauge must not exceed 3P.

    2) The self-tested silk thread is randomly sampled by the quality inspector, and the steel wire head produced in one working class is taken as an acceptance batch. The random sampling is 10%, and the quality of the steel wire head is checked according to the following table. Qualified wire ends shall be protected by a plastic cap or connecting sleeve and protective plug.

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