• Which is better for upsetting and straight threading?

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    First introduce the sleeve, the straight threaded sleeve connection is a kind of sleeve connection. The sleeve connection is actually the common name of the mechanical connection of steel bars. According to the "General Technical Regulations for Mechanical Connection of Steel Bars" JGJ107-2010: Common Types of Reinforced Mechanical Connection Joints The following is the sleeve extrusion joint: the joint formed by the plastic deformation of the steel sleeve of the connecting piece by the pressing force and the tightly biting table of the ribbed steel bar. The taper threaded joint: the taper thread specially made by the steel bar end and the taper thread of the connecting piece Joint formed. 鐓Large straight threaded joint: a joint formed by a straight thread made of a steel bar end pier and a threaded joint of the connecting piece. Rolled straight threaded joint: made by directly rolling the steel bar end or stripping the rib and rolling Straight thread and joints formed by threaded joints. Molten metal filled joints: melted by a high heat agent to produce a joint of molten metal filled between the steel bar and the joint sleeve. Cement grout filling joint: filled with special cement slurry in the steel bar a joint formed after hardening with the connector sleeve.

    The thick and straight thread connection technology is based on the current domestic steel bar welding, sleeve cold extrusion connection and taper thread connection technology. It has high joint strength, strong reinforcement with steel base material, fast connection speed and stable performance. Wide range, convenient operation, material saving, etc.; it is of great significance to improve the quality of construction engineering, save steel and improve construction speed. The disadvantage is that sometimes brittle fracture occurs.
    Stripping rib rolling straight thread connection is a new technology that has been developed fastest and widely used in recent years. It has many advantages such as simple construction, high efficiency and stable quality. Because the wire is hardened and hardened during processing, the joint is used. High strength and good fatigue resistance. It has all the advantages of upsetting straight thread and avoids the brittle fracture of upsetting straight thread. It is the most widely used steel mechanical connection technology.

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