• For straight threaded sleeves, you need to know these points.

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    A straight threaded sleeve is a steel sleeve for a steel mechanical joint that transmits the axial tensile force or pressure of the steel. Straight threaded sleeves are divided into straight-rolled straight threaded sleeves, stripped ribbed straight threaded sleeves and upright straight threaded sleeves. For straight threaded sleeves, you need to know these points:
    First, the advantages of straight threaded sleeve
    1. Good neutrality and easy transmission.
    2, the construction operation is convenient, can be all-round, all-weather construction.
    3, can be prefabricated in advance, shortening the total project duration.
    5, the price is cheap, reducing the engineering cost.
    6, no open fire operation, no live working, is the Ministry of Construction to promote products.
    7. Since the straight threaded sleeve is a machined product, the quality stability (uniformity) is high.
    Second, the classification of straight threaded sleeve
    Can be divided into: standard straight threaded sleeve, extended straight threaded sleeve, straight and straight threaded sleeve, reducer straight threaded sleeve
    1. Standard type: The possible free rotation of the use. The reason for using iron bars is opposite each other in the end strength of the lock bridge piece. Choose a standard sleeve or a reducer connection sleeve.
    2, lengthened type: used for steel bars that are too long and dense, inconvenient to rotate. The connecting sleeve is screwed into the lengthening thread of a steel bar in advance, and then screwed into the end thread of the connected steel bar. The connecting piece can be locked by rotating the reinforcing bar half a turn, and a standard connecting sleeve can be selected.
    3. Positive and negative thread type: It is used for occasions where the steel bar can not be rotated completely and the internal force of the steel bar is required to be adjusted, such as construction joints and post-casting belts. The connecting sleeve has a positive and negative thread buckle, which can loosen or tighten the two steel bars in one screwing direction. The connecting sleeve with the positive and negative thread buckles should be used first.
    4. Reducing type: used for connecting steel bars of different diameters
    5, flare type: for the connection of steel bars that are difficult to center
    Third, the connection method of the straight threaded sleeve
    The straight threaded sleeve is used to cut off a part of the longitudinal rib and the transverse rib of the end of the steel to be connected by a rolling machine, and then directly roll into a straight thread, and is connected by a special straight threaded sleeve to form a steel bar. Connection. The steel stripping rib rolling straight thread connection technology is the first technological invention at home and abroad; the stripping rib rolling straight thread connection technology has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient and rapid construction method, energy saving and consumption reduction, improved efficiency, stable and reliable connection quality, etc. The unit and the owners are favored. It is a new type of straight thread connection technology.

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